Thursday, July 21, 2011

PURPLE! The most popular color for weddings!

Rumor has it purple is the most popular color for weddings this year.  I'll be honest with you - I don't love purple on its own.  But when paired with the right color purple can create many different moods.  One great thing about purple -  it is very versatile and comes in a wide range of intensity.  Purple can vary from a dark  rich, almost black hue to light, frosty and cool.  It can be rich and juicy or antique and dusty.  Take a look at the color wheel.  To make a bold or bright statement use the colors opposite purple, which are yellow green and orange.  For a monochromatic look move to the right or left of purple into rich magenta and violet blues.

The purple that I love is a scent.  It is the rich smell of Concord Grapes hanging sweet and ripe on the vine.  This purple is a memory of  rich Autumn fragrances, harvest, crisp air and rusty leaves floating from trees.  Personally this is the direction I would go with purple.  Picture this, rich plum with chocolate brown, bronze, orange, cream and green mouth is watering!  What a rich and diverse palette for your wedding.

For a Winter wedding cool icy lavender and white would be lovely and brisk.

Green and purple or lavender with white make a clean and fresh combination for Spring. 

Bright pinks, yellows, oranges and whites combined with purple, violet and lavender make fun playful Summer bouquets.

I love the monochromatic look with just about any color.  All one color and/or flower make an elegant statement. 

Some of my favorite purple and lavender flowers.

Sweet Pea - Very Fragrant - Spring only

Anemone - Spring only

Lilac -  Very Fragrant -  Spring only


Lavender - Very Fragrant -Summer

Hydrangea - Available year round

Calla Lily - Available year round

Ranuculus - Spring only
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