Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wedding Trends

Wedding season is fast approaching.  I have begun meeting with my Spring and Summer brides to put the final touches on their weddings.  I love my job!  I enjoy, (well actually I am addicted to), finding wedding pins on Pinterest.  I love going to Barnes and Noble flipping through wedding mags while sipping a decaf mocha.  I love hearing different ideas and seeing the personalities of my brides come through in their wedding design.  For brides today there is almost too much information on line and in print - even on television.  Information is so accessible it makes easy for a bride to get caught up in all the trends
 Trend:  A general direction followed; prevailing tendency; drift. 

On my isp home page there is a section called "Trending Now".  Trend.   I am not a big fan of trends when it concerns something as special as a wedding.  Even the definition is a little sketchy for me.  I don't want to be a drifter or follower.  I am all for being fashionable, but 'trendy'...NO.  Recently I read a quote by Grace Ormonde which reflects my thoughts on trends with particular regard to weddings.  She said, "While I understand that trends are always changing, I don't believe that weddings should be 'trendy.'  I believe that everything - the photos, wedding gown, decor, and so forth - should be timeless."  Bravo Ms. Ormonde.  Consider the amount of time and money you put into the planning and execution of your wedding day.  It would make sense that you would want to always love your wedding.  One piece of advice I give my brides is this -  ask yourself the following:   1) Will I still LOVE my wedding in 5 or even 10 years?  2) When looking at my wedding photos what will my children say?  3) Will people be able to date my wedding almost to the year? 

 Trending now: peacock/feathers, burlap, lace, mason jars, billy balls, anemones, the 20's, food trucks, photo booths,  the messy up-do,  colored shoes for the bride, brooch bouquets, cupcakes...

If I am honest with you I must tell you that several of my brides will be using one of more of the above trends in their wedding.  I'm mostly ok with it... in moderation.  If you absolutely LOVE a trend incorporate it in your event sparingly and tastefully.  And again, ask yourself, "Will I love this in the future?"

Looking for classic inspiration?  Think Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton
No, you don't have their funds.  But the simplicity of their style...timeless