Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Welcome to Bleu Bird Design!  Please feel free to visit my Floral Gallery and/or Jewelry Gallery!  Both will allow you to see a small sample of my work.  I am so lucky to have been trained  in such fun and beautiful arts! It is a pleasure to create "Lovely Things"!
I have been in the floral and wedding industry for over 15 years.  While in high school, I was trained by the talented Bill Shanks, former owner of Shank's floral in Bountiful, Utah.  Bill taught me the importance of using only the freshest high quality flowers.  Bill also showed me that details, no matter how small, matter!  I take pride in putting special detail into each floral piece I create.  I have also worked as the Head Floral Designer for Heritage Gardens, and have also co owned my own floral business, Lavender and Sage. 
I love meeting with clients to create one of a kind floral pieces! 
Please check the blog often.  I will post about wedding trends, traditions, fun facts, and highlight amazing vendors who can help you create a perfect wedding or party!
Two years ago, my book group decided to make crafts for Christmas.  A couple of very talented girls took it upon themselves to teach us how to make soldered pendants...the rest is history!  I began making soldered pendants for family, then friends, then anybody who wanted to buy one from me.  The soldering led to beading and chains, now here I am! 
I participated in my first boutique - for my jewelry - on March 19th, 2010.  I had such a great time!  The feed back I receive from customers is wonderful!  The question I was asked most was, "Do you do parties?'.
The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a good idea - not only for me, but for the customer.  I do such a large quantity of pieces, there is no way I could show them all on a website or blog.  Jewelry parties are the perfect way to showcase all my work.  Also, mass production for me is making 10 MAX of one piece- which means the customer is getting very unique and original jewelry.  The odds of running into somebody wearing the same necklace is very slim.  Another benefit for the customers is, unlike most parties, my product is there - you buy it and take it home that day/night.  No ordering from catalogs and waiting weeks to get your pieces!  Please check the Jewelry Gallery often, as I will update my inventory often!
If you are interested in meeting with me to discuss flowers for your wedding and /or Special Event - or if you are interested in hosting a Bleu Bird Jewerly Party, (in the State of Utah - Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties), please contact me at .