Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding in Vegas

Last month I was lucky enough to be asked to do the flowers for a wedding in Vegas...well Henderson actually.
I had a great time and was able to establish new vendor contacts. 
Stacie chose cobalt blue and spring green for her colors.  I have to insert my opinion here - In my humble opinion, the colors you choose should match the season in which you are getting married.  I hate doing a red rose bouquet in April or a pastel bouquet in October. Take a cue from Mother Nature! By sticking with seasonal colors you open up your options for flowers.   The blue and green of this wedding were bright and refreshing.  We were able to use beautiful green viburnum blossoms, as well as fragrant muscari, (grape hycianth),  for part of the blue.  Both of these flowers are available only in the spring.
For her bouquet Staci chose blue delph, blue muscari, white lizianthus, white roses, lily of the valley,  and stephanotis.  Simple, beautiful and very fragrant!  The grooms bout should look like it has been plucked from the brides bouquet.  So for Zach we chose a white rose, lily of the valley, one steph and a delph. bloom.  We were able to incorporate all of the colors and keep the bout small.  NO corsages for the men please!  Keep the bouts small and simple.  Grooms men were a white rose and steph.  Again, simple and elegant.
Speaking of corsages, lately I have seen new, pretty wristlets for corsages.  For most of us, when we hear the words 'wrist corsage' we picture those nasty elastic and metal  contraptions that hold the flowers to the wrist.  Finally somebody decided to produce beautiful wristlet bands for corsages.  I used beaded bands that had iridescent white beads with silver detailing.  They looked great on their own, but with a corsage on top they looked AMAZING! The sisters actually WANTED to wear their corsages!  These wristlets do run quite a bit more than the standard white elastic - but come on!  This is your wedding! Pay the extra for these wristlets.  You will be glad you did!
The centerpieces for this wedding were all a bit different.  The wedding party purchased blue and white Oriental vases of varying shapes and sizes.  Some were tall and thin and others were short and fat.  The height variation added a nice look to the room - it was uniform because they all contained the same colors and for the most part the same flowers, but the height variation made the room look interesting.  Wedding guests walked from table to table to examine the centerpieces - which is nice because sometimes centerpieces get overlooked.  (I'll post on centerpieces later - there are some important ground rules to follow when selecting your centerpiece containers etc.) 
All in all this was a great experience.  The family was very happy with the flowers and again I learned a lot.  Thank you Jim, Mel, Zach and Stacie!