Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bleu Bird On Etsy

Hey all!  I just opened my Etsy account on Sunday.  The account had been up for less than an hour before I got my first sale!!!  Woo Hoo!  You can  find me at  You will find some of the same items posted here on my Etsy, but I have several great summer necklaces posted on Etsy.  I think the check out process it easier on Etsy too!  However you can still contact me at with any orders and/or requests.
I have added some great summer necklaces to the collection.  I love the way they look layered.  But I also wear them alone.  The colors are bright and happy.  I have green, pink, and orange left.  Sorry - I'm already sold out of the turquoise!  Each necklace is a combination of semi prescious stones, shell, Swarovski Crystals and or glass.  Each necklace has different intensities of color.  For example, on the Orange Citrus Necklace I have peach, bright orange, bronze and an orange so light it's almost cream.  All of the necklaces seen here are photographed individually on Etsy