Friday, January 14, 2011

What's HOT? Cool BLUE!

Corn Flower or Bachelor Button
One of the hottest colors in the weddings for this season is BLUE.  I love blue, (hence the name Bleu Bird Design).  Blue comes in many shades which creates so many moods and feelings.  Soft blue and white is clean and crisp.  Tiffany blue and orange is playful.  Blue and pink screams SPRING!  Blue and brown is refined and cozy. 

 If you are planning a wedding with blues you are in luck!  Many, many flowers come in some shade of blue.  Some of my favorite are hydrangea, tweedia, corn flower, and aggapanthus. 


One of my spring brides has chosen teal blue, cream and light coral for her wedding colors.  Her mother noted that the teal is an "unnatural" color.  She was worried about her option as fresh flowers are concerned.  Teal blues are hard if not impossible to find naturally in flowers.  However, with some of the latest trends teals, as well as other hard to find colors, can be incorporated in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.  One of the latest trends I love is jewels.  When tastefully and artistically incorporated jewels can add just the right sparkle and color to your bridal bouquet.  Feathers are another big trend.  I like feathers because they add another texture and interesting lines to floral design -but be careful!  Too many feathers can look tacky!  Don't forget ribbons and buttons for bouquet wrapping and corsage details.  Another option for my bride is floral spray.  Floral spray can enhance and change the color of fresh flowers.  I seldom use floral spray.  I much prefer the natural colors - however - sometimes if used with restraint, floral spray can give you the color you are looking for. 
A few ideas I will discuss with my bride are...  First, don't think you have to use all your colors in your bouquet.  For a timeless look an all cream bouquet can't be beat.  All cream flowers with a beautiful teal satin ribbon would be lovely.  Teal jewels could be added for a bit of color and sparkle.  For the groom, a cream bout with a satin teal wrap on the stems would be simple and elegant.  You can't go wrong with all cream!

A more casual and fun option is coral gerbera daisies and roses with a variety of cream flowers.  You can keep the wedding parties attire in the blues/teals and use the creams and corals for the floral accents.

The option I would choose would be cream flowers with tweedia accents.  Tweedia can have just enough green in it to pass for a light teal.  I think this bouquet is clean and fun and beautiful. 

Solid color en mass can make a big impression.  These bouquets in soft coral would be elegant and fun at the same time.  Elegant because of the roses.  Fun because of the color. 

My first meeting with this bride will be next week.  It is always fun to meet with newly engaged girls!  They are so happy and have a million ideas!  We will see where this one goes!  I'll keep you posted. 
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