Friday, February 25, 2011

What to do about centerpieces?!

 It is often hard for a bride to want to spend a lot of money on centerpieces and I can see why!  Ten centerpieces at anywhere from $30 on up!  That adds up quick!  However - it is important to remember that centerpieces absolutely set a tone, a mood and theme for your wedding.  Think about it, the majority of the time spent at a wedding reception or dinner is spent at a table   Also, consider the number of tables.  Ten tables with tiny votive candles and a gerbera daisy floating in a vase does nothing for a room.  There is no statement or personality.  The room looks empty.  By spending a bit on your tables you will be able to put your unique stamp on the venue and make the reception uniquely yours.   
A couple of things to remember:
Although they are centerpieces and you want them to be noticed, you don't want them to be in the way.   I have been to more than one wedding where the centerpieces were set ON THE FLOOR because the guests couldn't see each other across the table.  Remember to keep the centerpiece low enough for your guests to see over or tall and thin enough to see around. 
Candles!  I have a love hate feeling about candles.  They certainly can add to the ambiance, if they are done right.  Incorporate votive candles with larger arrangements - or use candles that are large enough to hold their own.  Personally, I don't care for candles only for centerpieces.  They are too generic and kind of a cop out!
Be sure to ask your venue about their policy on candles. 
Scented candles should not be used at dinner tables.  Scented candles compete with the aroma of the food being served and can make the food unappetizing. 
Remember also, you will ALWAYS have guests that are pyromaniacs .  Trust me - at least one guest will either play with the wax or burn things.   Spilled wax stains table cloths and fire...well, enough said. 

Here are a few...well a lot of ideas.

Simplicity and elegance!

The 'lowly' carnation.  Actually, I love carnations.  Carnations are a great way to add a pop of color for not a lot of money.  When you bunch the carns together they look  frilly and ruffly.  

Branches!  For spring weddings blooming branches make beautiful centerpieces.  Prunus and cherry blossoms scream SPRING!  These branches are clean and simple.  Blossoms of peony add softness and color.  

Topiaries are beautiful and can be casual and fun or very elegant.

Classic mixed arrangements.  Beautiful and timeless! 

I love the idea of lanterns and birdcages.  Check out the Martha Stewart birdcage below - now picture a lovely spray of flower in or on these lanterns.

Very unique and contemporary.  This centerpiece makes a statement!

Check out the wood box.  Not your traditional container, but still pretty!

I love this centerpiece.  Cut cost by rounding up cake stands from your friends and family.

OK!  Here are the big boys!  Tall, big, expensive centerpieces.  Calla lilies always look clean, contemporary and elegant.

Beautiful and classic!

 I like the idea of this centerpiece.  Branches are a great way to add height and lines.  Here they have added orchid blooms to the branches for a pop of color.   

Stunning !