Tuesday, November 22, 2011

White Anemones - The "IT" Flower for Bridal Bouquets

The other day I was venting on Facebook about the whole moustache trend that has swept the United States.  I really don't get it!  I am not a big fan of jumping on the latest bandwagon - and while I watch trends, I am not necessarily a trend follower.   
The latest trend in bridal bouquets is one I can support! 

  White Anemones with black centers. I love this flower, in any color, but  these are the new 'IT' factor for weddings for foreseeable future!  Just look at them!  Delicate and ruffly with a beautiful contrast from the black center.  But here is the thing - flowers that are trendy have a nasty habit of becoming expensive.  It has something to do with the whole supply and demand thing. 
The natural growing season for Anemones in the U.S. is January through May.  Using these or any other flower when out of season can significantly increase the price of your wedding flowers.  So if you LOVE these pretty little posies as much as the next bride or if you are getting married when these flowers are out of season, here are some other options you may want to consider. 

White Gerbera Daisy

White Peony-Photo pinkfrosting.com.au

White Ranuculus

White Lisianthus
While these are good replacements, I really LOVE the real thing.  And if you really really love them, they may just be worth the extra it will cost. 
Trends come and trends go.  But this wedding trend is one I don't think you will look back on and wonder, "What was I thinking?!"
Love this cake-Photo cakecentral.com

Cute for shower or reception goodies-Photo savoureauxcupcakery.com