Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End of One Crazy Summer!

Wow time flies!  I can't believe my last post was in May!  I promised to post more, but I have had a wonderfully busy summer working with some fabulous brides!  Over the next few days or weeks I will post about a few of my favorite events I designed this summer.  I will start now with bride Emily! 
Em was married in June.  The location she chose for her wedding was a beautiful outdoor setting with wildflowers a waterfall and pine trees - very rustic and lovely!  
My first planning meeting with Emily was in December of 2011.  From the moment she began to talk about her vision for her wedding I knew she was on the ball and would easy to work with.  For starters, she chose a venue that fit her personality, she had a flower budget worked out, and although she had ideas of what she wanted, she was flexible.  On our first meeting we planned most everything and scheduled a follow up meeting in April at the actual wedding venue.  I strongly recommend letting your designer see your venue if he/she is not familiar with it, even if they are 'only' doing flowers.  This enables your designer to get an idea of scale and it also let's them meet the facility manager or coordinator which is always helpful!
So, lets get to it!  What flowers did Emily choose.  Well, first we went with a wildflower theme.  Her colors were slate blue and raspberry - lovely!  
Emily wanted to have her bouquet mostly white.
The colors were highlighted in the brides maids bouquets. 
Her centerpieces were wildflowers in miscellanious bottles and vases with votive candles for sparkle.
I had such fun working with Emily.  She and her groom Clark were so gracious and lovely - a realy joy!  I am hoping to get more photos from them to post so you can see the overall effect of the planning and design.