Saturday, January 4, 2014

Candelabra Centerpieces
Once again I must apologize for not posting in a very VERY long time.  Life has gotten extremely busy and I am still trying to figure out how to keep things from falling through the cracks.  Obviously, I have not been terribly successful with that! 
So while the kids are playing Lego's I will make an attempt at a post.  Let's see how far I get!
With wedding season approaching I thought I would do a few posts on what is new, or what I am loving right now. 
Right now, for centerpieces, I am loving candelabras.  For the last two wedding shows I have designed floral pieces on candelabras.  I've had a great response! 
For me these centerpieces represent simple elegance.  They are high enough to see around.  They are big enough to make a statement.  They can be modern or traditional.     
The first time I saw a centerpiece like these I immediately fell in love.  I went to my wholesaler to purchase some candelabras and found the selection somewhat overwhelming.  There were so many options!  As a designer this is good and bad!  I would have loved to take one of each of the dozens of candelabras and designed a unique piece for each.  I had so many ideas, but I needed to choose one style for the booth.   
There are so many types of candelabras ranging from rustic wooden pieces to ornate 3 foot tall multi arm dripping with crystal versions.  I decided to go middle of the road.  Simple and elegant. 
Just take a look at a few I found online:

Here is an idea.  Why not go to the thrift store and see what they have in stock.  A can of spray paint and good will could save you a bundle!  Plus, think of all the fun colors you could paint them! 

 This one reminds me of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.  It just paint it gold et ALLO!

Here are a few samples of other talented designers work

Notice the use of the cute succulents!  I think I'll write about those next!
 So I know these centerpieces are not on candelabras,  but just imagine if I would have used them in 2012!  Even more stunning!!!