Saturday, February 1, 2014

Using Succulents in Your Wedding Flower Design

Almost every time I finish a wedding bouquet I step back and look at it and think, "of all the bridal bouquets I have done THIS is my favorite!"  It happened again a few months ago.
This fall I met with Courtney, her fiancé, mother, and mother-in -law to be.  Courtney chose sage green, navy blue and aubergine for her colors.  The setting for her wedding reception was a barn.  She wanted  casual rustic look for her flowers.  Nothing fussy.  While browsing through photographs of flowers ideas the mother-in-law mentioned how much she liked the use of succulents in weddings.  Courtney had no idea what a succulent was.   As I was searching for photos of succulents, Courtney pulled out her phone showed me a photo of a bouquet she loved.  Guess what?  It had succulents!  I love it when the bride and the mother-in-law, (or mother for that matter), agree on things.  It makes my job so much easier!

Here is what we came up with for the bridal bouquet.

What IS a succulent?
A succulent is a plant that has thick, fleshy leaves/petals that store water.  You can find succulents in many interesting shapes and colors which make them a fun and unique addition to your floral designs.  Succulents are typically found in arid environments and are quite hardy - which makes them perfect for wedding bouquets and centerpieces.  You can even remove the succulents from your bouquet and "plant" them to use them as décor in your home!
The down side to using succulents are:
 1. Because they do store water they are heavy, so they aren't great for boutonnieres or pin on corsages.  Also, they make your bouquet heavy.
2.  Depending on which succulents you use and their size, they can be a little pricey.

Bridesmaids bouquets on top.  Maid of Honor on bottom.

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Flowers for sisters hair.

Fathers Bouts

Grooms Bout